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Singlefin Public Web Site

A rebuilding of the public face of Singlefin, working together with our vendor, Forward Development. I implemented the PHP back end and added a partner portal, in addition to helping optimize the code for search engine results. I also aided in the development of Flash graphics for the site.

Singlefin Global Gateway Service User Interface

The User Interface to Singlefin's multi-tiered Gateway Service, consisting of seven product offerings and serving a 35,000+ user base. It is written primarily in PHP and uses a 100+ table MySQL database as its primary data source. I created the UI for three product offerings Lite Email Filter, Enterprise Archive, and FreeDNS. In addition, I added functionality to the Enterprise Email Filter, Enterprise Web Filter, and Enterprise Instant Message Filter services. (Requires registration to login)


A 1300-hour project completed by a five-person team over the course of six months. We created an open source content management system for tourism authorities, TourCMS, in conjunction with our client, the Open Tourism Consortium. I served as principle system architect and design lead. This project uses a PostgreSQL database, Java and JSP, XML, XSLT, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and was developed in part using the NetBeans Integrated Development Environment.

XML: Managing Data Exchange

A Community Textbook

An online, open source textbook on XML, created through the collaboration of 17 writers. I authored a chapter on Web Services and edited a chapter on XUL.

An 8-week project involving the creation of an online, database driven recipe web site. It uses object-oriented PHP to connect to a MySQL database to produce HTML, styled with CSS.
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City of Buffalo Public Web Site

A redesign of the city of Buffalo, New York's web site, implementing Algonquin Studios' proprietary Content Management System, QuantumCMS, to allow the efficient management of 1000+ pages. I served as a member of the transition team, helping to rebuild the disorganized behemoth into a manageable and functional portal.
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